Bishan sky terrace maisonette

A HDB owner’s musings about record breaking units

Been meaning to blog about the latest record breaking HDB unit for a while but I’ve been busy (hey, being a baby maker/incubator is tiring man). Anyway, if you haven’t read, the most recent record breaking unit comes from Bishan, and is one of those ‘sky terrace’ units that went for $250,000 over its valuation, going…

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Newsloop on the iPhone

Do you read my blog when you are on the train, bus or simply while waiting?  If yes, and if you are using a iPhone, you can now access my posts via the NewsLoop app. [Sorry Android users, the Android version is still in development...] =P

Record breaking HDB units in Bishan and Queenstown

Originally posted on Our EM Renovation Experience:
I like EMs cos of the space, plus the fact that such units comes with three toilets.  While Executive Apartments are just as spacious, they only have two toilets.  Jumbos and Multi-Generation apartments that may have more than two toilets are hard to come by, not to mention factoring location and…

Panda Print 3

Yay for another new store: CB2 in Singapore

It’s like the younger sibling of Crate & Barrel I think.  As usual I prowled through the CB2 site (ships to Singapore by the way!) and shortlisted these eye candy below. Just too bad I need another house before I can seriously consider which ones to get. Pretty sure CB2 Singapore will update its Facebook, so…