And it begins with a floorplan…

A floorplan purchased from HDB for $5.

If you need to get a floorplan for your HDB apartment, you can get either an instant pdf copy for $5 or have one mailed to you for an extra $1 from HDB’s InfoWEB e-Service HERE.

For my foreign readers who are wondering what HDB stands for, it’s short for ‘Housing & Development Board’.  You can read more from the official HDB site HERE.


Found this place after months of searching and viewing for a suitable apartment for me & my SO (=significant other).  Key considerations?  Near MRT, nearer to town quiet, unblocked, windy, decent size…

And so in the end we ended up with a HDB Executive Maisonette (EM).  At 1560 feet, it was far bigger than the other HDB or condo apartments we went to view.  And we get our his/her toilets.  And a toy room… and a balcony where we can have BBQ gatherings. 

Sounds really ideal until you start thinking about 1. the costs and 2. the extensive renovation needed.  But anyway, it should be an interesting adventure and hopefully at the end of the process, we have our own cosy little (ok, not so little) abode for the next couple of years.

Decided to do up a reno blog to chronicle the renovation process and it will serve as a record for the bits and blobs of info I accumulate too. 🙂

9 thoughts on “And it begins with a floorplan…

  1. @BrickUpdate: Yep, the entrance is at the dining room. Thanks!

    @Mond2: Heee, actually dunno where/how to start. Waiting for my ID to give me the final design. Quite a bit of wall hacking…

  2. If your flat has not done the Opennet installation for the fibre, suggest you try to schedule your renovation with the installation date.

    Also, plan to have LAN points around your flat. This is especially important as your place is 2 storey and a wireless base station may not reach all corners of your flat.

    • @zjz: Can’t be done cos Opennet is only scheduled for year-end in my new place. We’ll cater for Opennet trunking and see how it can be ‘minimized’ but really not much else we can do for now. Definitely not deferring reno for Opennet. 🙂

      We discussed having Cat 6 cables installed but finally think that the latest 1 Gb Powerline-type connection could suffice. Will get a few units to do a trial run before reno starts.

      Don’t worry, we already told our IDs the connectivity requirements and they seem fairly amused by all the technical stuff. Plus loads of new power points of course. SO was also showing me his ‘connectivity’ diagram this afternoon (incl pics of the gadgets in each room). Was quite impressed! I’ll ask him if I can blog about it. 😉

  3. I have a pair of Aztech HomePlugs which I use sparingly. One thing I have issue with is the amount of heat given out by the homeplugs as they need to be powered when in use. I believe if you use LAN cables, it can run tens of metres from the router/source without the need to “re-boost” the signals.

    My own place is small, so ended up using wireless most of the time.

    • @zjz: Oh… may I know what is the max speed achieved with the Aztech? Never thought about heat problems, so thanks for the info!
      For cables vs Aztech, the other consideration was that we thought (i) Aztech is cheaper (vs cost of installation for Cat 6 cables) & (ii) Aztech is portable.

      Yeah connectivity is a big concern for us cos we are used to wireless too. Plus we are always connected at home. Very spoilt (and addicted?)!

  4. I have a pair of old 85Mbps. As my modem is only 3Mbps, my speed limit is actually pegged at my modem speed, not the homeplugs. As far as I can recall, the surfing is smooth and fast enough for me. The speed within your flat is also affected by the wirings in your flat. Do check out Homeplug website for more technical notes.

    As for the heat, it may not be a big concern for you. I was being fussy, perhaps because it was my first experience using it, and had no similar products to compare the heat dissipation with. I have the habit of switching off my modems, etc when not in use. So I guess, as long as you switch it off the homeplugs when not in use, should be ok. Of course, there will be people who will leave them on, driving up electrcity bills 😛

    • @zjz: We intend to use the connection for data transfer, so speed is quite important to us.
      Wirings will be re-done, but also dependent on the distance between points right?

      Hee, won’t get too into the technical bits. Will ask my ‘IT support’ to check it out. 😛

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