Which aircon brand is best?

Looks aside (I’m more a substance over form person when it comes to this sort of daily appliance, plus who cares about a nice looking aircon if it doesn’t work?), I’m feeling really confused about which air-conditioner brand to go for.  Other criteria like quietest and easy to clean I don’t really care about cos the decibel (db) ratings are all about the same (don’t think I would be upset over a less than 5 db diff). Cleaning… hmm… isn’t that what the regular aircon maintenance is for?

All the aircon models I’ve read about seem to offer roughly the same specs.  The top 3 choices currently are:

  1. Daikin
  2. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI)
  3. Mitsubishi Electric (Starmex)

My preference?  Reliable and cheap.  Reliability being more critical cos I think it works out better in the long run.  Oh, and the R-410A model.  Seems to be more environmental friendly and energy efficient right? 

Think Starmex is well known cos of heavy advertising by a certain Mr Jack Neo (which now has pretty bad connotations now if you ask me).  Daikin is a well known brand that is heavily lauded in Renotalk forums while MHI seems to be a decent alternative based on what I’ve read so far.

And then there is the question of whether to go for a 3+3 combi or a 3+4 combi.  Where would 7 aircon units go to you ask? 3 bedrooms, 1 study, 1 dining, 1 living, and the kitchen? 

Don’t laugh… I do intend to have a open concept kitchen so it sorta makes sense to have aircon installed.  Plus I don’t really use the kitchen for heavy cooking.  More for ‘frivoulous’ stuff like making tiramisu, cheesecake, etc.  So having an aircon does make sense? 😛

Of course, budget is always a problem. Else no questions asked, I’ll just opt for a 3+4 combi. 😀

Experiences with your aircon units anyone?  Think I’m off to trawl a bit more info on MHI.  Doesn’t seem to be a very well known brand in Singapore, wonder why?

6 thoughts on “Which aircon brand is best?

  1. I have 3+2 Daikin with 2 compressors. I am not a heavy user, except for the bedroom and study units. Use for 8 years already, no problems so far. Only thing is the blowers are slightly noisier now.

    When I was deciding, Daikin Invertor series was relatively new in Singapore, and was the most expensive option under my consideration. Glad I made the choice. Besides the aircon brand, the workmanship of the aircon man who fix your piping is just as important. So far, I am pretty lucky I have no leaks, and have so far never re-fill my gas.

    Another thing to note, some old flats (very old ones) may not have sufficient electrical power current rating to drive compressors of high power requirements. But I think your EM should be relatively new, so should be ok.

  2. @zjz: Daikin seems to cost a fair bit more. No sure if cost is justified tho… argggggh.
    8 years? Impressive! Yet another satisfied Daikin customer huh? Tbh seems to have many around.

    Aircon brand we are pretty sure it’ll be one of the 3 shortlisted. Seems to have less horror stories.

    We checked the block and it’s upgraded to 40 ampere. So means 2 compressor is allowed. We were quite relieved when we confirmed that. 🙂

    • Unacceptable/Unreliable encounter with Daikin (S) Repair Service

      Air-conditoning unit broke down. Fan coil running but there are no cold air. Outdoor unit not running. Make appointment with Daikin to come down for diagnosis and repair. ( All event stated are document with proof of invoices, pictures and records of attendance)

      The Chronology of event. Daikin Technician came down on the following dates: 10, 17, 22, 29 Sept AND 5 Oct 2015.

      On 10 Sept 15 – 1800hrs.
      One technician came down test and replaced the remote control set. System unable to start up. Use the Remote controller to test for Error code (E6) Went to check the outdoor condenser. And check compressor protective device – OK. Afterwhich, told me compressor faulty and need to replace. (Compressor warranty still valid). Make payment of $158.80 for the remote controller.

      On 17 Sept 15 – 1700hrs.
      Two Technicians came down. Replaced compressor and connect back copper valve and tube. Replaced Magnetic Contactor switch and its auxiliary connection wire. Took 2hrs to complete. System unable to turn on. Error code (E0). Technician reply : Fan coil electronic module card faulty; need to take back repair / replace. Make payment of $581.65. Labour accessories parts. Received CASH from owner.

      22 Sept 15 – 1200hrs. (Prior that, One lady from the Service Dept called to make appointment with me and quoted me to pay them $53.50 for the module card repair.)
      2 Technicians came down. Put back the module card at Fan coil unit. Turn on supply. Unable to turn on the system again. Generated error code (E0) again. Technician reply: Suspect outdoor Condenser electronic module card also faulty; need to take back repair/replace together with indoor fan unit’s electronic module card. This time took back both module cards for repair/replace.

      29 Sept 15 – 1030hrs (Prior that, one lady from Service Dept called and make appointment with me and remind me to pay them $53.50 for the previous repair. I asked her, if still cannot rectify the problem, how? She replied: we will subsequently ask our Engineer to go down and check)

      This time, same technician and one Engineer came down. Install back the indoor module card and went outside to put back the outdoor condenser’s module card. Turn on power supply, heard a loud “POP” sound. The module card (condenser) was burnt. Tripped my DB electrical Main incoming breaker (80A) supply. Whole house no power supply. Both Engineer and Technician did further check and reply: Suspect your fan motor short-circuited. We will bring back outdoor module card for further check again.

      5 Oct 15 – 1030hrs (Prior that, Same lady from Service Dept called and make appointment with me and quoted me the price $211 for fan motor (Condenser) plus back-payment for the repair of module card of $53.50. I asked her is the problem solved? She replied: can only confirm on the actual day. I asked her why she kept asking me to pay for repair cost. She replied we had already repair the module card the previous time and you have not make payment)
      Same Technician came down with outdoor module card. Install the card back to condenser outside. Connect to a new fan motor. Turn on power supply. Heard a loud “POP” sound. The Module card was badly burnt (took picture of the burnt module). Circuitry Fuse and Resistor badly burnt. Tripped 3 protective devices – DB Main incoming 80A MCB, 20A MCB for the aircon and also the ELCB.
      Technician reply: Not sure what happen. Need to check further. No problem with the original fan motor. I instructed them to “Stop Work” and ask them put back my original outdoor module card.

      Called the Service a couple of time in the afternoon for follow-up. Unable to get someone whom can discuss or get a satisfactory answer from the Customer Service lady. Kept saying, we will refer you to our Engineer. Finally, One Sales Engineer called in the evening. He requested to send their technician to come down and repair again. Suspect maybe some of the components faulty. I replied him: No way! Just refund me the payment made. He replied: We need to go down and take away the components installed previously i.e. compressor, electrical parts and etc, take stock and check everything is in order, put up a report and get approval from Management. Afterwhich, Finance will issue a back payment cheque to you, at least one/two month later.

      Personal opinion: I was utterly disappointed with DAIKIN (S) deliverables.

  3. LG is suck. I have 3 system installed 5 years ago. It breakdown very frequent, and average 6 months have to call LG technician for fixing. I will never ever consider LG or Korean aircon anymore. Choose Daikin, Mitsubishi or Panasonic.

  4. Hi, I had intended to purchase Mitsubishi Electric Starmex in the first place as our previous home uses it.

    But the sale person talked us into buying Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI). Saying MHI is cheaper by a few hundred and better efficacy as it is meant for industrial usage. Sounds like a good deal. We purchased MHI but regretted it immediately after 1st night of sleep.

    If you are a light sleeper or quietness is your priority, do not buy MHI. It has this frequency sound that is constantly ringing at your ear. A room that was quiet, became “noisier” because of this sound. So it was meant for Heavy Industries, so just leave it where it was meant to be. The motor has a 5 warranty, mine broke down just slightly after 5 years. Unable to claim warranty. Was it just my bad luck?

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