Still reading on aircons…

It’s “Aircon 101” lesson for me… been reading the usual Renotalk and Singaporebrides forums and think just have to ‘study’. 

So… to be a bit more ‘organised’ in deciding on the brand/model to get I’ve listed these criteria to consider:

  1. R410 or R22?
  2. Inverter/non-inverter?
  3. System 3+3 or 3+4?
  4. How many BTU /room?
  5. Daikin, MHI or Starmex?

Then to select where to get the units from:

  1. Price?
  2. Workmanship/service?
  3. Materials used – armaflex? class 0/1? copper tubes? diameter?
  4. Extended warranty? 

Once again, you see I don’t really care about the ‘frills’ like fancoil design, negative ions, filters, noise (it matters, but all seem fairly similar), easy to clean, etc but I’m guessing it would matter to some people?

Actually one thing I’m picky about is place of manufacture.  But then have no idea how to check it out.  Japan is best of course, compared to China or Thailand.

Think need to study and then mull over it for a while cos the decision would affect me for the next few years.

If only I can access some aircon maintenance shop’s records to compare breakdown statistics for the different brands…

15 thoughts on “Still reading on aircons…

      • @Shaibal: It’s just MHI… no models to choose from. If you mean the BTU, we followed the advice given by the aircon contractor on how much/configuration to best cool the rooms down. As I learnt from the aircon contractor, you should consider the size of each room and not just get a standard BTU for all the rooms. E.g. the living room will need a stronger blower vs a study room. Think those all purpose electrical stores like Gain City or Courts may not always give that sort of advice cos they give a pre-packaged deal. Then you may end up with a living room aircon that is under-powered.

  1. Found out about MHI there are 2.5 Kw and above for the indoor units, and for the condenser there are different capacities too. Which ones did you get for living and bedrooms? Also, how much is your aircon guy charging for everything including the units, trunking, installation, brackets, etc.


    • Hi Shaibal, my aircon guy is from Aircon Designs. Think he gave us a pretty standard price, and I really dunno the details cos my SO settled all the negotiations and details. By condenser you mean System 2/3/4? We got two System 3 units, consisting of varying blowers for each room. E.g. my MBR n 2nd BR has different BTU. Think the aircon guy did some computation to figure out which aircon blower to allocate to which condenser. Why don’t u try looking at Renotalk for the price info? I know some owners don’t mind flashing all the numbers, but I’m not one of them. 😛

  2. Hi,
    I would like to install my Air-con from Aircon Design too, any comment from them ? Yr aircon working well so far ? How is their installation and after sales service? thks.

    • @Christine: aircon working well. They fixed the problem quite quickly when we called them shortly after reno cos one blower wasn’t cold. Installation is ok. They were willing to make 2 trips for pipes and then separately for blowers. Also gave good advice when IDs were planning blower locations.

  3. Hi,
    Thanks a lot. I get mine from them also since they service are very good.
    Any advice for lighting ?

    • @christine: Ya. They specialize in aircon so are very experienced I think. When I went to their office I saw lots of floorplans from their clients including huge landed property.

      Lighting was sourced mostly by my IDs. Mostly from Lightcraft. We like the selection there. Plus all price tagged unlike some Balestier shops.

    • @christine: Got from LuvArt, name is Daryl, hp 9871 0111. Can let him know u r referred by the Mei Ling St owner.

      The blinds are TANA branded which are supposed to be decent quality.

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