Cheap design books at Page One sale

Went to the Page One warehouse sale (29 April to 2 May) and it’s great if you are in the market for discounted design books of various types.  You could even pick up a nice notebook or some fiction titles.

You know how expensive those design type (I liberally label any architectural, interior design, packaging design, illustrations, graphic design, etc as ‘design type’) books are right?  Well, at the sale you could get them at up to 90% off! Yeah, the ad says 70%, and most of the books are actually at 30% to 50% off, but there is actually a clearance section way at the back at 90% off. 🙂

There is a shuttle bus service if you have no idea how to get there.  If you drive, be warned that parking is quite a nightmare.

You can click on the pic below to enlarge and see the address and other details. 

And what did I get? Just a cute expresso cup, an origami book and one design book.  Wanted to get a particular illustration book but it wasn’t available, & decided to exercise some restraint in view of the heavy financial expenditures ahead…

2 thoughts on “Cheap design books at Page One sale

  1. AIYAH!!! I missed it!!! I went for the PageOne warehouse sales some time end of last yr and bought the 2 volumes of the home decor books too!!! and all the 500 recipes… i regretted not getting more… didn’t know got pageone warehouse sale recently again… 😦

    • @Csingeu: Hey, I’m a lurker on your t-blog… 😛

      Dun worry bro, they have regular sales I think. I joined their mailing list so if got another sales I’ll prob post here. 🙂 Or try

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