How to avoid ugly trunkings for OpenNet installation?

Thought this is good to share, plus to remind SO and my IDs.  🙂

Seashall from Renotalk shared the reply he got from the OpenNet team:

This is the reply from OpenNet staff on the guidelines:

Attached are some suggestions on general guidelines which may be helpful to home owners who may be doing some renovations works within the Home.

1. Designate a Location:

(i) Designate a particular location, such as a designated closet, where all the telecommunication facilities can be installed within. This will facilitate connections and ensure that the installation can be performed presentably & neatly.

2. Ensure “Conduit or Path” To The Designated Location So That Fibre Can Be Installed

For Condominiums / HDBs / High Rise Residential Homes

(ii) Ensure or cater for an empty 20mm uPVC conduit or PVC trunking compartment to the above location (eg. The closet). The conduit should be installed in straight runs or be able to accommodate bending radius of the central line of the conduit not less than 100mm.

(iii) A draw rope shall be provided in the empty conduit so that the fibre cable can be installed subsequently.

For Landed Homes

Ensure 1 empty 50mm diamerter uPVC continuous lead-in and underground pipe to be provided from 1m beyond the roadside drain to the designated location.

Ensure that there is a draw rope in the empty conduit so that the fibre cable can be installed subsequently.

This will facilitate the installation of fibre into the home & near points of connection.

3. Ensure Accessories At The Designated Location Is Catered For

(iv) Install twin 13A power point/socket at the designated location (eg. Within the closet), so as to provide power to any equipment.

(v) Install RJ45 patch panel. No. of ports should be greater than the no. of rooms of units .

4. Internal Wiring / Cabling

(vi) Owners are encouraged to install Cat 6 cables for internal cabling from the patch panel to all rooms. This will ensure internal cabling connectivity.

Its important to note that Unshielded Twisted Pair (Cat 6) cables should not exceed 100m runs from the RJ45 patch panel to the RJ45 wall outlet.

The OpenNet Team

Link to OpenNet for more information

One thought on “How to avoid ugly trunkings for OpenNet installation?

  1. Hi, read about your EM experiences. Just a question, do you have problem with wifi connectivity?
    I mean the main wifi connection is in the living room and the space is quite big. Will there be an issue if weak connection in an EM? Like the rooms on second floor or kitchen or dining room?
    Appreciate your help if possible.

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