Some books for renovation inspiration

I’ve a confession to make… here it goes…

I lost control and went back to the Page One sale and bought tonnes of books! (-_-“)  In my defense, the discounts were really good… all at least 50% off.  There were actually some really nice graphic and design books I was eyeing, but I think I’ll wait till the next Page One sale when I’m settled at my new place.  Need to think about book shelves for my new place…

I shall list some of my renovation-related ‘sins’ over the past 2 days…

1. Four books from the HOME DÉCOR series:

02 – Kitchens

04 – Bathrooms

18 – Designer Bathrooms

20 – Compact Spaces

2. One book just about staircases


3. One book about public toilets (?!!!)


4. Two thick books about apartments & houses:

Designer Apartments

Contemporary Houses

5. One more cute Putto expresso cup, this time in purple (thought one is too lonely so bought a ‘friend’ so they have company.


2 thoughts on “Some books for renovation inspiration

  1. Hi, actually these books are usually based on foreign house designs. So it’s going to be a bit difficult to implement in sg’s hdb or even condos. I did the same (buying books) during my first purchase of flat 10 years back.. end up buy sg based magazines are more practical and useful. 🙂 save the $$ to buy more legos! 🙂

    • @Discman, thanks for the advice. 🙂
      – Actually I have Home & Decor mags since 2009… think my ID was already quite surprised when I brought a 2010 edition to show her. 😀
      – The toilet ones I flipped thru and think more for ideas on color/tile combi and vanity tops which are fairly universal. The apartment and houses one more to drool and dream. Plus at 90% off, was hard to resist! I even got some home n decor mags from Taiwan the last time I went there, but I think the design style is totally different from Singapore. Same for HK and Malaysia mags. I have to agree I’m really ‘localised’.
      – LEGOs must try to cut down lar… feel broke so must prioritise mah. 😛
      – Any aircon recommendation btw? 😛

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