My bathroom & kitchen fixtures

Shortly after we signed our OTP, we came across the Grohe warehouse sale in March 2011.  Couldn’t miss it, so we went, got tempted, and ended up buying ALL our bathroom & kitchen mixers and shower sets from the sale.

That was before we engaged any ID and knew how much the reno would cost of course… ahh… the days of innocence… if not, would we have spent so much? Perhaps not, cos I suspect we would have cut down on some of the less critical items.  Ah well… just heard there is a 5 year warranty on the parts, so at least in the long term I think it should work out ok.  Plus showers & mixers are heavy duty items that are used daily so it is nice to use well engineered products that look and feel good.

Also went through a bit of panic when I realised that we did not check if the water pressure in HDB flats would be enough for the rain showers.  But then plowed thru some Renotalk discussions that assured me it should be fine.

Anyway, here is the ‘hit’ list:

Euphoria Shower System with Thermostatic Mixer (code: 27296000) (for the 2 upper toilets) – with a tweak: we’ll be using the Relexa hand shower instead cos we find the Euphoria Mono flow too “weak”.  The Euphoria Mono will be switched to the guest toilet instead.

The feature I love in this set is not the rain shower. It’s actually the temperature control feature that gave me the ‘lust at first sight’ feeling.  😀

consists of:
exposed thermostat with Aquadimmer function
Horizontal swivable 450 mm shower arm
with ball joint, rotation angle ± 20°
hand shower Euphoria Mono (27 493 000)
adjustable in height with gliding element (12 140 000)
minimum flow rate 7 l/min.
shower hose Silverflex 1750 mm (28 388 000)
suitable for instantaneous heaters (min. 19 kW/h)
SpeedClean anti-lime system
GROHE DreamSpray®
GROHE StarLight® chrome finish


Eurostyle Basin Mixer (33558001) (for all 3 toilets) – we chose this model after testing the ‘feel’ of all the rest. Some of the slightly ‘cheaper’ models didn’t feel as ‘ergonomic’.  Handles were too short, or the shape did not feel as good in the hand. The higher-end ones… ha, can’t afford plus we couldn’t feel the diff in terms of smoothness of movement despite repeated demos by the sales lady.

Single-lever basin mixer

single hole installation
adjustable flow rate limiter
pop-up waste set 1 1/4″
flexible connection hoses
GROHE SilkMove® 35 mm ceramic cartridge
GROHE StarLight® chrome finish


Essential Bath Accessories Set (5 pieces) (40344000) (for all 3 toilets) – we actually agonised over this for a while. But in the end we decided to get them so the toilets are ‘coordinated’.  Plus the price after discount really wasn’t too bad compared to some of the not so branded bathroom accessories I saw afterwards. *phew!* 😛

consists of:
towel ring
towel holder 600 mm
bathrobe hook
toilet paper holder with cover
soap dish with holder


Relexa Five Shower Set 900 MM (28941000) (guest toilet) – so the head will be swapped out to one of the L2 toilets, and we bought another Relexa head too. The guest toilet will have the Euphoria Mono head.

consists of:
shower rail 900 mm 28 819 000
handshower Relexa Five 28 796 000
shower hose 1750 mm 28 410 000
(to prevent hose from twisting)
GROHE QuickFix® (adjustable distance
between wall shower holders for
adaption to existing drillings)
GROHE StarLight® chrome finish


Eurostyle Bath/Shower mixer (33591001) (guest toilet)

Single-lever bath/shower mixer

wall mounted
metal lever
adjustable flow rate limiter
automatic diverter: bath/shower
integrated non-return valves
in shower outlet 1/2″
Protected against backflow
GROHE SilkMove® 46 mm ceramic cartridge
GROHE StarLight® chrome finish


Minta Sink Mixer, Extractable (32918000) (kitchen sink, with retractable/extractable head)

single hole installation
adjustable flow rate limiter
swivelling tubular spout
pull out mousseur spout
returning help
integrated non-return valve
flexible connection hoses
Protected against backflow
GROHE SilkMove® 46 mm ceramic cartridge
GROHE StarLight® chrome finish

The stuff were mostly on 30% off, so yeah we did save quite a bit vs not buying during sales.

And why not Hansgrohe? To be honest, we did not do a comparison before we bought the Grohe stuff.  On hindsight, not such a brilliant move but after visiting the Hansgrohe showroom, we were still happy with our decision cos we happen to like the Grohe designs better.  Which one is better?  Hard to say even after I’ve read tonnes of posts on ‘Grohe versus Hansgrohe’ and vice versa, but I think both are good brands.  So whichever brand you choose or have, congrats! 😀

Update: See my completed pics here:

11 thoughts on “My bathroom & kitchen fixtures

  1. hi adi,
    need to ask you… for the Essential Bath Accessories Set, how much was it during the sale? I missed it!!

  2. hihi, so how much does the 1st system with the sleek sleek mixer cost after discount?? we went to grohe showroom and the set costs 1.3 to 1.5k i think.

  3. Hi,

    Can I know the capacity of your storage heater? When you mentioned that the Euphoria Mono is weak, you are referring to the rainshower’ water-flow being weak?

    My contractor is recommending a 50-litre storage heater and I’m in two minds about it. Haven’t heard of a 50-litre for 2 rainshowers. Do you think it’s feasible?

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