What is an ideal kitchen configuration?

Kitchen Worktop Height

From what I’ve read, the ideal kitchen worktop height should be a few centimeters below your elbow height, say 5 cm.

Typically, worktops will be designed at 90 cm height, which is supposed to suit the ‘average’ person.  Not sure how tall this average person is, but since I am taller than average, I’m guessing 90 cm is not 5 cm below my elbow.  A quick measurement gives me roughly 95cm…

So should I request for the kitchen worktop height to be raised?  Something to ask my IDs… to be honest, I do think it makes for more comfortable washing up as well. If the sink is another 10 cm below the kitchen top, that means … You know what I mean about bending over the sink right?  ‘Back breaking’ or what? 😛

UPDATE: The diagram below gives an easy guide to calculating counter height.  Just take your height, divide by 2 and then add 5 cm.  So if you are 1.6m tall, the suggested counter height is 85 cm. Easy right?


Source: Toto


The Work Triangle

There is actually a whole area of research on the science behind kitchen design.  You have the so-called ‘work triangle’, which is the distance between the fridge, sink & cooking hob.

The logic is simple, you don’t want to have to walk back-and-forth just to complete one task right?  In theory, the design of the storage spaces (including crockery, dry food items and cold food items), sink (where washing up before and after cooking is done) and hob (for cooking) should be thought out.

I suppose need to visualise a simple task like… say cooking instant noodles with veg n luncheon meat and see how many rounds I’ll have to walk back and forth. 😛

Since I don’t have the ability to draw nice cute drawings like my IDs, I’ll make do with some extracts from this book:

Architect’s pocket book of kitchen design By Charlotte Baden-Powell

Work triangle examples:


Other ergonomic considerations:


And why spend so much time thinking about it?  I’ve seen badly designed kitchens where the cabinet doors at right angles and cannot be opened properly… You don’t want to live with those type of mistakes right?  Anyway, in a sick way it’s kinda fun to learn new things.  Now regret that I didn’t buy those technical architect books at the Page One sale.  😛

One thought on “What is an ideal kitchen configuration?

  1. Hello!
    Came upon this article while searching for optimal kitchen top height
    Dont know whether you are still active.

    May I know whats the final height you did for the kitchen top?
    I’m the shortest in the family at 1.76m
    thinking to raise the total height to 92 or 93cm cos having an undermount sink
    Stove will be on another side, which will be lower…
    would like to know how high you did yours and whether the height is comfortable for u.

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