LED lighting in my new place

After many horrible experiences while changing lightbulb (or rather, experienced by my SO while he is changing lightbulbs 😛  ), we thought about getting LED lights for our new place.  It’s ‘green’ & energy saving too, so that’s good right? 😀

In one of our earlier ‘scouting’ visits to some stores for ideas, we went to the Philips showroom in Bukit Timah, and after the visit we were really convinced that that we would like to get LED lights for the 1st floor lights and the stairs.  Bedrooms tho? Hmm, more on that later.

At the showroom located at 793 Bukit Timah Road (between Avenue 4 and Avenue 6), we saw a variety of ceiling, mood and down lights that seem great for the fuss-free (read: not having to change bulbs for 10-15 years?) lighting that we would like.

1. Living room & stairs lights

Energy savings aside, one of the other key features we like is that the LED lights are not ‘hot’ (read: heat emitting) unlike the warm halogen down lights that we’ve experienced in other homes.  So that changes things.  Previously I was very resistant to the idea of installing downlights, cos most of the ones I experienced were those horribly warm halogen ones.  After seeing the Philips lights in action tho, I think that downlights are perfectly fine, so long as we get the LED ones.  Plus they are dimmable up to 10% of the lighting too, fitting in to our want for ‘mood’ lighting.

Another change?  Initially we only wanted a wall light in the stairway is so that we don’t have to climb up a tall shaky ladder to change the light bulbs.  With a long lasting light bulb, a nice hanging feature lamp at the stairway is perfectly fine, so long as we can fit an LED bulb to the lamp.  Not that such lights are easy to find tho, as I realised after other visits to lighting shops.

More about the types of LED lights and bulbs can be found here: http://www.ledworks.sg/

2. Bedrooms

There is one more type of lighting at the showroom that gave us some ideas.  Being a frequent traveller, one feature I really like in hotels is the ability to control all the light switches in the room using the master switch/side controls by the bed.  I don’t know how difficult it would be to configure the room lighting like this (e.g. able to switch off the WIW, left/right reading light and overhead lights from the switches by the bed), but an alternative could be the Philips EasyScene.  Drawback is that the bulbs are not LED, so I think I would prefer to have the lighting configured physically instead of risking lost remote control, but yeah, that’s the idea.

3. Philips LivingColors

The Philips LivingColors Generation 2 LED lamp can produce up to 16 million shades with a light output 50% higher than the previous version.  We obviously don’t need 16 million shades, but all the same we have always been intrigued with the possibilities some white walls and a LivingColors lamp can produce.

Here are some pictures:

4. Balcony lights

Obviously, the balcony in the EM was a major draw for both of us, so it’s also quite important that we install proper lighting there.

Seems like balcony lighting is not really given that much attention by most other HDB maisonette owners as I observed while driving past EMs at night that very few owners give their balconies ‘mood’ lightings.  Most of the lighting I’ve seen are: (i) functional & (ii) relatively dim.

I’ve seen a handful of EM balconies where the owners installed lights on the walls that cast lights downwards AND upwards, so that gives a nice effect at night.  I’ll describe it as sort of like those lights they install at the historic district in Singapore to light up the buildings for tourists? Haha.

Anyway, someone on Renotalk started a spree to buy these big cubes illuminated by LEDs.  They are supposed to be fairly weather-proof (meant for garden use), rechargeable, controllable by remote, and can be use as stools which I thought made them ideal for our balcony.  The specs as follows:

from: Smart & Green

Smart & green series for home.
BigCubb – 45 x 45cm, 72nos LED

1. Comes with charging cradle. its like a base stand so just sit the cube on the cradle to charge.
2. Able to switch mode buttons under lamp, ON/OFF, control brightness, Play/Pause
3. Optional to purchase “PEBBLE” 1 button toggle remote.

Lumier3 series for Professionals & Commercial.
L-cube – 40 x 40cm, 72nos LED
XL-cube – 43x43cm, 84nos LED

1. Comes with Plug in charger with waterproof cover seal. just plug in to charge like mobile phone.
2. 2 buttons under cube. ON/OFF, PLAY/PAUSE [very basic]
3. Recommended to purchase Control-PRO remote, to max out all features: multi buttons panel for – quick 16 individual color selections, brightness controls, mode controls.
Control-Pro is used by Professionals in Clubs/Pub to switch color along with music without scrolling or toggling.

1 year warranty

Since I’m placing an order for 2 of the XLs without ever laying eye on an actual product, really hope I don’t regret this (UPDATE: No regrets! Works well – see here).  Also wondering  (i) if it gives the balcony a ‘nightclub-ish’ feel &  (ii) how my IDs will react to yet another strange idea from their client? 😛  Oh well, must remember to add to list and pass to them.

Anyway, since I haven’t seen them yet, here are some pics to give an idea:

The Lumier cubes are available from Contat Decor btw. Think they are the distributors in Singapore.