Renoblog: Extreme makeover at Pandan Gardens

For owners looking to renovate their new place, one local (Singapore) online resource they’ll eventually find is Renotalk forums.

I’m not sure how/who started Renotalk forums, but it’s really active with loads of people discussing topics ranging from where to buy curtains to feedback on various renovation materials. 

One of my favourite past time before my IDs started giving us ‘homework’ to do was to browse thru (yes, I’m a lurker!) the latest Reno T-Blog Chats where people freely share their dreams, plans, solutions & pics (& unfortunately, sometimes horror stories) of their home renovation.

One T-Blog I was reading was recently featured in The Straits Times and I recognised it immediately when I read the description cos the owner had shared her experience in RT (Renotalk) about adding another bedroom to the existing layout for each of her 3 sons.  The other interesting part was that she was into Fengshui and how she incorporated FS principles into the design process.  Anyway, I won’t give away too much but just be warned that this particular T-Blog has 37 pages (and still counting!).

Click HERE to read Extreme Makeover @ Pandan Gardens 

2 thoughts on “Renoblog: Extreme makeover at Pandan Gardens

  1. Hi,

    Many thanks for posting up my blog here! I am just so excited to be featured, as I am keen to share my reno journey!

    I am enjoying every words you had written here! 🙂

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