Bed base part 2: Bed skirts

There is such a simple solution to ugly bed bases… yeah, bed skirts.  Never used it in my life (hotels don’t count) but if having a pretty bedroom means getting a skirt for the bed base, then heck I’m going to hunt a nice one down.  I don’t think I’m a “Ruffled” skirt kind of person, so I think it’ll be “Box Pleated”, or “Tailored”. 

Ok, so back to hunting for the base again.  My mattress is all of 17 cm thick… assuming a height of 45 to 50 cm for my bed (based on sitting or ‘plonking’ on it position), then my base has to be 28 to 33 cm high.   Typical bed bases are lower, which means I have to look harder. 

But… think gotta settle some other more pressing tasks like the fridge and table measurements n design.  Anyway now that I think I ‘ve a solution I can stop being disturbed about getting a bed base.  I assume bed skirts are sold in all department stores right?  Never paid any attention previously, gotta remember to keep an eye out for nice (plain) ones.

Here are some pics from Google Search results if you are wondering why beds need skirts. 😀

Your thoughts? Let me know!

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