Finding a bed base…

… isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. 

See, I got my mattress without a base cos I thought the base will be in the bedroom design.  But after going thru my IDs’ plans realised that wouldn’t be the case.  

First thought is Ikea of course, but then it seems that Ikea mattress base can’t be used with my new bed.

I got a Tempur, so requirement for bed base is “you must position the mattress on a completely flat, solid surface with adequate center support. Do not use the mattress with a conventional box spring. Please note that using the mattress without a Tempur-Pedic foundation or similar firm, solid-surface, non-spring base may void the warranty“.

Slatted beds are not allowed too: “if your platform bed has a solid surface and strong center support that can properly support the mattress, you can use it instead of a foundation. However, if the platform bed uses slats to support the mattress, you may be using an improper foundation that will void your warranty.”

So many ‘warnings’ huh?  Thank goodness I was anal enough to check Tempur bed base requirements before doing any shopping.  But where can I go to shop now??

The Singapore Tempur site wasn’t that helpful btw, so I checked from the Tempur USA site.


3 thoughts on “Finding a bed base…

  1. gah, I was gonna get an Ikea bed base too until i read this… then its off to email Sealy for verification (just in case). Just wanna say that all your posts have been a great help in my never ending quest to attempt to move into the new apartment.. 😛

  2. Hi hi,

    Would you be able to share what kind of bed frame that you finally chose?
    I am looking for bed frame for this also.

    Thank you.


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