How many types of EM layouts are there?

To be honest, I don’t know tho I would like to know. 😛  Since I started trawling for info about EMs, I think I’ve collected more than 10 different layouts/floor plans.

When I first started reading about EMs, I found this info shared by blownup from Renotalk to be really useful:

This design should be the 1st EM design in Singapore. Many owners built a roof on top of the balcony. And this design originally does not come with a toilet at the lower floor, just a wash area.

Posted Image

This design should be around 20 year old now which I think is the best EM design in terms of space arrangement, esp I like the big balcony which can put at least 2 mahjong tables.
Posted Image
This the smallest and last batch of EM w/o the individual rubbish chute which I’m staying now.
Posted Image


There are many variations in layout of course.  E.g. Corner units, ground floor units and with/without rubbish chutes.  I’ve also seen EMs with ‘triangular’ layouts, extra balconies & more windows in the master bedroom (for 2nd Gen EMs, the windows may extend all the way across the wall that connects to the void space at the balcony).  There are also those penthouse maisonettes (Choa Chu Kang, Strathmore, Bishan & Sin Ming) with extra large floor areas and/or lofts, and older 5 room HDBs with maisonette layout.

I’ll share those maisonette floor plans that I’ve already collated some other time.  If you have an interesting layout, do let me know k?

8 thoughts on “How many types of EM layouts are there?

  1. Just wondering if you have given a thought on the type of paint you intend to use for your flat.

    I know of someone who uses those with “rubbery” finishing, touted as easy to clean. In fact, the “rubbery” texture is actually a magnet for finger prints!

    • @zjz: Any advice? I’m thinking of Nippon paint’s Medifresh range for the interiors. Actually the Odourless and Easywash range looks good too. Dunno where to get real-life paint reviews so I oscillate between these 3 choices.

      Not sure if we need an exterior paint for the balcony cos it’s more prone to getting sun/wet, etc. If yes, then prob Weatherbond (easier to choose cos very few exterior paints). (^_^)

  2. I am not sure if the Easywash is the “rubbery” finishing one. I cannot remember the brand used 😛

    Best to check samples if unsure.

  3. Hi,

    Am looking for an EM as well. Am rather intrigued by the layout of the last EM in your post (the one without the chute access). Would you know where are those EMs located?


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