My Rinnai Hob

UPDATE: A 2 burner hob totally makes sense after using for some time (6 months)… we think the pots can’t really fit into a 3 burner hob anyway… the Rinnai hob totally burns hot, and the gas inspector also told me that it’s a good hob with safety features when he inspected it shortly after handover.


Decided to get a Rinnai hob after reading about the inner flame.  Besides, it’s made in Japan.  😛

I got the 2 burner hob (RB-2CG).  On hindsight, perhaps should have gotten the 3 burner model since my Fujioh hood is such an huge piece of machinery…  I think it’s cos I was so shocked by the combined price tag of the hob and hood so didn’t want to incur more cost.  Nevermind, don’t think we’ll cook that often… seldom see people use more than 2 burners anyway.

Here’s the brochure painstakingly scanned by my SO. 🙂


Update: See my completed kitchen pics here: Kitchen

5 thoughts on “My Rinnai Hob

  1. Hi,

    I just came across your blog and was wondering if there’s like price list hidden somewhere here. Really appreciate the items you got but would have to be selective due to budget constraints.

    Especially keen on costs of the casement windows and rinnai hob.


  2. Hi, do you have any problems with your RB-2CG gas stove since installation in 2011? We installed the same gas stove but about 5-6 years later, we had to pay $160 to change the valve since one knob was stuck. Now both knobs are stuck. It will now cost $260 to change both valves. We are not heavy user type, and we maintain the stove well, so we are so surprised this item didn’t last as well as our relative’s non Japan made Rinnai gas stove. Could you share your experience in using this? Thank you.

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