Brands feature: Brabantia

There are some stuff that I always window shop in department stores’ household department, years before I got my own place to furnish.  So while I may not be able to afford that beautiful shiny Miele, De Dietrich or Gaggenau engineering work of art, I probably can set aside some reserves for some of these shiny babies from Brabantia.  


Brabantia Wall Fix – Cool huh? It folds back into a neat little holder! 🙂


Brabantia Retro Pedal Bin – For my bathroom

The bins come in a variety of colours by the way:


Brabantia Pedal Bin White – For the kitchen, cos I’ve a white kitchen but I haven’t seen a white one in Singapore before, so I may go with a stainless steel one after all.


Brabantia Bread Bins – In white or stainless steel. Again, haven’t seen white ones in Singapore stores so perhaps stainless steel.  On 2nd thought, perhaps stainless steel goes better with my fire-engine red Nespresso Citiz. 😀


If you would like to see more Brabantia products, I like to browse from this online UK store.  Perhaps some stuff for the bathroom?  😛

4 thoughts on “Brands feature: Brabantia

    • @David: Thanks for sharing! Haha, been going to Cold Storage quite often the past few days and already acquired 3 of the 5 items on offer. Still mulling if I should get the 5L for my bathroom. 😛

      Realised that Cold Storage did not post this offer on their website so I took a fuzzy photo of the flyer and just blogged about it.

      Did you get anything?

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