Clothes stands that I like

Now that I got my Porada Por Bis 2, I won’t (shouldn’t) be looking at any more clothes stands… but for the longest time, I’ve had a unexplanable liking for clothes stands / coat racks.  Think most people don’t pay much attention to clothes stands most of the time right?  I also don’t understand why I like to look at clothes stands…

Anyway, before I move on, here’s a ‘commerative’ blog post on some designs that’ve caught my eye.  There have been many more, but too hard to search for all of them. 😛

1. Hansgrohe Axor Massaud Towel Holder, Freestanding – chromed and gleaming, it’s a beauty in real life… and absolutely out of reach price wise… it’s actually my #1 fav.



2. Porada Clip Valet Stand, chrome by E. Mapelli & P. Passarino – simple and functional.


3. Cattelan Italia Pino Wall Coat Hooks by Studio Kronos – like branches growing out of the walls


4. Arketipo Eda Coat Stand by Nendo – like hanging clothes off a vase


Ok, it’s not just about the branded and expensive stuff… if I hadn’t seen the offer for the Porada stand, I would probably have gotten this:

5. Muji’s Beech Coat Tree Large – you can also get various accessories for it.  One of the few household stuff available in Singapore  (I think I saw more stuff in Muji Japan when I was there).


Your thoughts? Let me know!

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