Fruitful day of shopping

Today was a really fruitful shopping day! Bought loads of stuff, and had fun shopping too.  😀

1. Mathmos AirSwitch Lamps
One in red for SO, and one in blue for me – controlled by moving hands above the mouth of the lamp.  Can switch off or dim by waving hands.  Quite fun to play with. 😀  Think this will go to the bedrooms.

weight: 1kg
product size: h250mm x dia 130mm
light: Max 40W E14 screw fitting candle bulb. Cable and bulb supplied.
materials: Mouth blown glass


2. Fink Alexa Windlicht  / Vase – Got the shorter one, to store/display my Nespresso capsules. 🙂 

I’ve a fire engine red Nespresso Citiz, so that should give a splash of colour to the kitchen. 🙂


3. Porada Sir Bis 2 Clothes Stand in wenge – So I can arrange the clothes I want to wear the next day…  Actually I would prefer it in ‘natural’ colour but the wenge is the only piece on offer.  Plus can’t complain about the price I got it at! 😀  Yeah, another one of those things I acquired from being a frequent business traveller… 😛 


4. Serta Diamond Suite King sized – comes with a limited edition GSS sheep & some bedlinen

Dimensions: W182 x L190 x  H34 / Divan W182 x L190 xH28 / Total height = H62


4 thoughts on “Fruitful day of shopping

    • @zjz: Time to get a new mattress? 🙂 We actually swopped the sheep for bedlinen cos figured won’t use the sheep.

      Got the clothes stand from Marquis at Tai Seng. I got the last piece tho. They still had the Por Bis 1 when I left but that piece was slightly damaged at the back.

    • Hi Naz, yes it’s from Marquis at Tai Seng (look for Vincent) – you can find the link to the website & address on the right sidebar. Marquis was clearing stocks when I got mine… in case they are out you could place a special order or get an economical alternative from Howards Storage World (Harbourfront, Millennia Walk or Parkway Parade).

      Happy shopping!

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