Creating a ‘hotel-style’ bathroom

There are a couple of features that I feel gives a ‘hotel style’ touch to bathrooms.  I’m still looking for an affordable way to re-create the hotel experience (and no, I don’t think I will resort to folding the toilet paper end in a triangular shape!), but here’s a wish list of sorts…

  1. Glass walls – y’know, the kind that offers no privacy whatsoever… ok, you can install blinds of course. 🙂
  2. Nice bathroom fixtures & accessories – branded fixtures, wall hung toilet bowls with wall flush panels, thermostatic temperature controls, bidets, 2 tiered towel racks, magnifying wall mirror with lights, loads of chrome stuff (drain covers, extractable clotheslines)…
  3. Marble walls & floor – this one is definitely out of reach for me…
  4. Glass shower doors with towel bar – the hotel staff will usually hang the clean floor mat on the towel bar after they are done cleaning up 🙂
  5. A room with a view… – some have fab city skyline views for you to enjoy while doing… whatever that you do in a bathroom… 🙂
  6. Bathtub – of course you need a bathtub to enjoy the view right?  Freestanding or with fanciful water jets, complete with mood and reading lights.
  7. TV /radio – after a shitty work day, life feels better if you can enjoy the latest blockbuster showing on cable TV in the bathtub. 🙂

Most of the above is out of reach for me, except for some nice accessories… am still looking for a way to get nice and affordable bathroom and chrome stuff.  Some ‘wish list’ pics to follow:


Your thoughts? Let me know!

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