Some wall clocks that I like

I have been browsing wall clocks online since I haven’t seen any clocks in real life that I like.   Plus probably do-able to ship in clocks cos they are relatively small…

SO commented that I like simple designs.  Think so.  Maybe just go to Muji n see if they have nice and simple (and affordable) ones! 😛

The Diamantini & Domeniconi En Suspend wall clock is multi-functional tho, if we get the mirrored surface one, it can serve as a mirror, a clock and a coat hanger!

The last one is for my SO of course. 😀

Diamantini & Domeniconi En Suspend wall clock; Diamantini & Domeniconi Freebird Wall Clock; Established & Sons Two Timer Clock; Karlsson Falling Numbers Wall Clock; Karlsson KA4379 Wall Clock; Sonodesign Flop Clock; Pin Up Clock

Your thoughts? Let me know!

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