Got a Flos Arco Lamp

Never thought that I would get this lamp, but couldn’t pass up the offer price.  Talk about eating my words…

Using a twisted logic, figured it’s only S$100/year if I can use the lamp for the next 21 years…  it is a classic afterall right?  So I will have this lamp in my future living room.  My main concern is really still the lamp height since the ceiling isn’t that high with a false ceiling.

Pics, dimensions and concept drawings to follow.

And my favourite Arco lamp pic: 🙂

More info from the Flos website HERE

Update: See my completed living room pics here: Living room


9 thoughts on “Got a Flos Arco Lamp

  1. Hi, congratulations

    I didn´t buy it yet, but I have the same concern, ceilign height is 236 cm and I see here lamp height is 230 cm, is it correct?

    Did the lamp work for you after all?

    And also, where did you find the bargain price?

    Thanks in advance.

    • @luis: I’m not sure the full height. But it’s literally mm away from the ceiling. Everyone (me, my contractor & the installers) were quite nervously looking at the ceiling before the lamp shades were fitted on. The weight of the light bulb and lamp shade helps to pull down the lamp arc. But yeah it did work for me. Do hv a look at my completed living room pics to see how it looks.

      I’m from Singapore and got mine from Space furniture at Bencoolen Street. You’ll find the link to Space on my sidebar.

      • Don’t know if you’ll notice this since your last post was in 2011…but figured I’d try….Thinking of getting the Arco, but I’m going to need to cut it down 3-4 inches. I asked Flos and they don’t know what I’m talking about.
        I’m thinking about doing it myself.
        Did you cut down then top of the stem? Is there an attachment mechanism there, or does the arch just slide in?

      • When we asked, what we were told is that it’ll be cut at the stem but I don’t know the details cos we didn’t have to cut in the end. The lamp stands 1 cm below the ceiling height. You may want to Google this topic a bit more. I found out about cutting from some websites a few years back.

  2. Just read this post. I wonder if you’re still holding on to the Arco lamp? This particular style was very much the style a few years ago but I do think it will be a classic in years to come. I would hang on to it. I have a B&B Italia floor lamp in my living room which has a white oval shade. I like the look. It’s timeless. I also have a FLOS Mini Kelvin which I picked up from recently. I like the sleek, minimalist look of the design.

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