A Besta Burs for my bedroom?

I do actually have a budget for reno even if I seem to be getting all sorts of non-critical stuff.  Blame it on being weak-willed… so I’m always quite happy when I go to Ikea and find something that I like and is affordable.

This Besta Burs desk is an example…

It comes in high-gloss white, measures W180 x D40 x H74 cm (and so I think is narrow enough to still provide walking space) and has 2 drawers.  Best of all, it’s a relatively affordable $549.  Stretch my budget more, and I can even get the matching Besta Burs wall shelf that measures W180 x D26 cm and costs $249

Think will wait till after the reno is done (and my wallet has sufficiently recovered) to get the desk.  Plus I’ll probably have a better sense of the space when I see the room/corner I want to place the desk at in person.  Oh ya, it’s for my bedroom. 🙂

Not sure if I can control myself if there is a sale tho! 😛

Your thoughts? Let me know!

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