Stuff I like at the Marquis showroom

I’ve been dragging my SO down to the Marquis Tai Seng showroom very often… not just because of their on-going promotions of cause… I think it’s cos the showroom has got so many nice stuff for me to admire and play with.  Some examples:


Porada Infinity Coffee Table

I love this coffee table.  No explanable reason, just like the way it looks. 😛


Porada Icaro Oval Dining Table

The table also comes in round, but no display model at Marquis to ‘admire’, so a close-up pic here: 


Fortana Arte Loop Lamp

An absolute fingerprint magnet, but this lamp is so fun to play with and swing around.  You can dim the light by rotating the lid around until you get the light intensity desired.  Nice huh? Since the display piece has been sold, I guess I won’t be seeing it anymore next time I visit Marquis. 😦

Almost regret not getting it!

Your thoughts? Let me know!

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