Poisoned by Toto: Sinks

Barely had time today for a quick dash-in to the Toto showroom at 75 Bukit Timah Road (Mon-Sat: 10 am to 6 pm; closed on Sun & PH) today and went away absolutely poisoned… 😦 

I think I’m going with Toto sinks that my IDs have proposed… What can I say? I love jap designs?

SO’s sink is easy since it’s just that one design…

LW642CJ, semi-recessed, 415 x 485 mm, height = 155 mm; RRP: S$369


My sink is a bit more complicated cos I can choose anyone so long it fits into the vanity counter… I’d very anally insisted on an under-counter sink. 😛

My vanity has a 550 width, so just need one that fits within that space… 450 mm or less.  Length-wise just a matter of the bigger the sink the lesser my vanity top space.  😛

I don’t really fancy the square ones… so the current shortlist comprises:

LW 530 J, under-counter/self-rimming (?), 450 x 450 mm; RRP S$215; T6JV2, deluxe pull-up waste; S$93 <– Displayed as an under-counter but shown in the catalog as self-rimming?  Confusing…


LW 651 J, under-counter, 570 x 423 mm; RRP S$229; T6JV2, deluxe pull-up waste; S$93


L 546, under-counter, 550 x 400 mm; RRP S$196; T6JV2, deluxe pull-up waste; S$93 <– Like this a little less than the other 2 cos of the shape


The guest toilet is a little trickier… did I mention that I really don’t like exposed sink “under-sides”?  So I think either a half or full pedestal like these:

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