Wardrobe ideas from Hoffen

Went to Hoffen over the weekend and had quite a ‘fun’ time looking at their little showroom (thanks to the helpful sales staff, Alice).  Some pics taken off the Hoffen website to share below.  I especially liked the built-in wardrobe rail light, the high quality laminates (really scratch resistant) and shelves customised to folded shirts size.


Oh, did I mention that Hoffen has a promo for their customised wardrobes and kitchens till next weekend (29 May 2011)?  I was given a quote of $350 (after 30% discount) psf for wardrobes and kitchens, inclusive of the various toys and gadgets and blum products.


3 thoughts on “Wardrobe ideas from Hoffen

  1. Hi There,

    I am in process of renovating my EM too and your research is really very helpful. Thanks ;-).

    Wanted to check with you who is your Interior Designer or Contractor and is there a floor plan that you can share with me.


    • Hi Shaibal, I’ll rather not share my floor plan but you can check back for future updates n pics when the reno starts. Ditto for my interior designer. Once I have some pics, I’ll share who my IDs are. 🙂

      If you want more ideas, do visit Renotalk T-blogs and read some of the completed EM renovations there k?

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