Our hunt for a dining table – sexy video included

Looking for a dining table we both liked was harder than it seems.

First, we had to know the size of the dining room and how big the table could be (we asked our IDs of course!).  Next, decide on the materials we like (table top and legs – various combination of wood, metal, glass, etc) and then we had to find something pleasing to both our eyes (and considering how picky we both were, it was quite difficult!).  Somehow shape never quite got discussed.  I think looking at the room we both figured rectangular was the way to go.

Anyway, so having decided that we wanted an extendable table in case of visiting family n friends, we went to a few stores to recce and quickly realised that finding one with decent mechanism isn’t that easy.  One brand that quickly stool out was Calligaris that is exclusive to XZQT in Singapore.  Calligaris is from Italy, but anyway the origin wasn’t a major consideration.

While sitting at the Ion Orchard XZQT showroom, we were quite intrigued by this video:

Yeah, having a sexy Italian (? I am assuming) female demo the table’s functionality does make a diff.  Somehow the salesmen who demo-ed the table for us in real life didn’t look as good! 😛

So we went and had a look at the Omnia Wood table in real life and was quite impressed at how easy it was to extend the table cos there are wheels hidden under the legs.  Some of the other mechanisms we saw for extendable tables involved using brute force to pull up the extension panels that were really hard to handle.

Then came the dilemma… wood top n legs, or glass top n wood legs?  (We weren’t keen on a glass n chrome combi, not sure why, but more on that later).

We both agreed that the extra white glass is probably hardier and easier to maintain (black glass is an option but an absolute fingerprint magnet!).  But we just liked the walnut (just veneer unfortunately, not whole wood) a lot more.  So following our heart and not our head, we went for the wood on wood combi.

Dimensions and pics as follows:

Dimensions: W160(220) x D90 x H75

Looking back, I think our search for a dining table (at least from my perspective since SO doesn’t blog) was very much influenced by 2 persons.

  1. My sister: She has an extendable dining table that she has been using for the past 11 years, and it’s still working well.  SO & I both liked the fact that the table is durable, usually doesn’t take up too much space (and fits 6), but can comfortably sit 8 when the occasion requires it.  We even went over to her place and looked all over for the table’s brand but unfortunately the brand name couldn’t be found…
  2. My ID: On one shopping trip, we asked and he mentioned that he likes wooden table and that the marks left on the wood tells a story.  Think we both have a concern on maintainence for wood surfaces and think that glass is an easier option (fingerprints aside).  But after that visit I noticed that we look at wooden surfaces more favourably, and probably quite unconsciously but still…

Update: See my completed dining room pics here: Dining room


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