Bargain Brabantia items from Cold Storage

Purchase with purchase offer from Cold Storage, you can get one of these 5 Brabantia offer items with every $30 spent. 

  • Classic can opener metal grip (white) @ $9.80 (U.P $26.80)
  • Matt steel corkscrew @ $15.80 (U.P $49.80)
  • Matt steel bread bin roll top @ $39.80 (U.P $118.00)
  • Matt steel 5L pedal bin with plastic bucket @$39.80 (U.P.$108.00)
  • Matt steel 10L rectangular pedal bin with plastic bucket @ $49.80 (U.P $158.00)

I’ve already succumbed and bought the 10L bin, can opener and corkscrew.  The offer is actually better than it looks on the flyer… the 10L bin has a soft close mechanism (“motion control whisper lid”).  Yeah, a soft close 10L Brabantia bin in matt steel (no finger print marks!) and with 10 year guarantee for $49.80 is a pretty good offer if you ask me.  Fits a typical NTUC or Cold Storage plastic bag too. 🙂

The bread bin is different from the one pictured.  The actual ones have a black handle bar that extends across the edge.

8 thoughts on “Bargain Brabantia items from Cold Storage

    • @Discman: I saw them at the Great World City n Harbourfront outlets. Can’t be sold out so fast right? At the HF outlet, they kept the stocks in the storeroom so maybe have to ask the staff if there is stock. Good luck with your search!

      • Hi,

        thanxs for the tip. I manage to find the 10L bins at the Centrepoint Cold Storage jus now. Left 4 on display on the shelves near the entrance. Wanted to get the 5L one too but my wife say it’s too much to pay for such a small bin.. 😦

  1. Actually, I didnt read in details what the 10 years warranty covers.. 😀 For the bathroom, the 5L would be more than sufficient. Only thing i’m not sure is how it would be like under the moist condition of the bathroom. One suggestion i have would be to put the 5L one under your dresser if u have one.

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