My ‘butterfly’ sofa

My IDs used the Le Corbusier sofa in their CAD plans for my living room… obviously, couldn’t afford that and after weeks of looking, “butt-testing” sofas and assessing leather quality, we finally settled on a Domicil ‘Butterfly’ sofa from XZQT.  The sofa was on special offer and most importantly we liked the ‘feel’. 

Hard to describe ‘feel’ gained via experience from testing dozens of sofas.  We’ve probably gone to at least 20 stores… all the stores in Park Mall, IFC at Sungei Kadut, Harvey Norman, Air Division, Massimmo… and I won’t even bother naming all the high-end ones with shocking 5 digit price tags.  Seat depth, leather feel, cushioning bounce and firmness (= plushiness?)…

But funny how we ended up with nothing like what we started looking for.  No sliding seats, no L-corner, just a simple functional black sofa.  

I’m guessing black doesn’t photo well, so all the sofa pics I found are not in black.  Still need to confirm tho if XZQT can carry the sofa up the stairs… yep, doesn’t fit in the lift since we insisted on a 3 seater that we thought looked much better (sleeker?) than a 2.5.  We figured we had the space so why not (apart from ‘carry up’ charges of $20/floor…)?  😦

Length 246/H 78/W 95 cm; adjustable arm rests (ratchet system); polished stainless steel leg  –> Link to pdf file in German

I’ve actually not seen the black version cos only the white model was on display.  So a bit of lousy photoshopping and…

Ha. 😀

3 thoughts on “My ‘butterfly’ sofa

    • 3K with quite a bit of change… but u hv to factor in moving charges. The sofa doesnt fit into the lift so it had to be carried up the stairs. Luckily I’m not on a really high floor. Think is $10/floor.

  1. hi, i bought the same sofa too. As I am going for scandi look, I was wondering if you found any way to change the legs of the sofa to wood or to black steel etc?

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