Why is my ‘Round’ table rectangular?

The moment we laid eyes on the Emu outdoor furniture at the Marquis Tai Seng showroom, we kinda knew our balcony furniture search was over.  But we still had the hardest time deciding on the series, config (how many chairs?) and colour. Is that normal??  Cannot imagine that a set of balcony furniture is so hard to buy right?

The most important consideration was that the chairs have to be comfortable… that was quite easily determined once we ‘butt-tested’ them.  E.g. IDs and us agreed that the Heaven series of chairs looked good, but they are really uncomfortable and we couldn’t imagine sitting on them for long.

Our 1st choice was a package set of 4 Onda chairs and Cambri table – spacious enough for a nice alfresco breakfast for 4…  But that daydream was dashed when we realised how big (or rather, small) our balcony is.  Luckily, in an obscure corner of the Marquis showroom, we stumbled upon 2 clearance Round chairs in an ugly greyish colour.  We hated the colour but felt really comfortable sitting on those chairs so that helped to make up our minds.

Then colour next… red, white or black?  We were concerned that black on grey tiles would just blend in… our IDs suggested red or white and for a while, we figured to try something colourful (i.e. red) since we don’t have any bright colours in the house so far.  But on the actual day when we went to Marquis to place the order, the salesperson there strongly discouraged us from getting red… concern on the exact colour tone (some of the Emu colours are really orangey red) plus he sorta implied that the red he’s seen don’t look good.

If the name of a furniture series is ‘Round’, you’ll expect rounded everything right?  But for some reason, it included a rectangular table.  🙂  At the last minute, we decided to get chairs with arm rests for practicality and comfort (tho I think the armless one looks better). 😛

Chair Size: W 62 x L 58 x H 80 cm

Table Size: W 50 x D 70 x H 75 cm

Quite glad the balcony furniture is settled.  🙂

If you are in the market for balcony/outdoor furniture that are not the run of mill rattan-ish type, then I’ll recommend EmuIkea does have some outdoor furniture too, but not as comfortable.


Update: See my completed balcony pics here: Balcony

2 thoughts on “Why is my ‘Round’ table rectangular?

  1. Hi!
    I am trying to furnish my little kitchen and while looking for a white table, I came across with your homepage. I need to have an exactly the same table that you have furnished your balcony with as my kitchen is tiny and the only model I have found on internet that suits my needs is the one that you have 🙂 – the rectangular white stand table (W 50 x D 70 x H 75 cm).
    Where could I find exactly the same one (not anymore available on Emu homepage)? Or maybe by any chance you would be willing to sell yours?
    Looking forward to your response!

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