Getting sick of the Eames chair…

Seriously, it appears in EVERY magazine we have… .  Think I’m getting an Eames chair fatigue… kinda like when you see every other person carrying a LV monogrammed bag?  Yep, that turns me off any monogrammed LV… 

Really not easy to find another chair to like tho.  The Eames chair is really quite comfy and at that price point, few comparable brands/models are as comfy AND as easy on the eye… anyway, I shan’t dwell on the unattainable chairs… some chairs that caught my eye online are:

Driade Bo chair

Hay About A Chair

Blu Dot Real Good chair

Not sure if they will pass the “butt test” tho. The search goes on…


4 thoughts on “Getting sick of the Eames chair…

  1. Hi! May I know where I can find the Hay – about a Chair in SG? I am also renovating my EM at Bkt Pj and have been following your blog. Must say you have impeccable taste! Looking fwd to reading your updates on ur EM. 😉

    • @SJ: Thanks for reading my blog. When does your reno start and what have you bought? 🙂

      According to Saturdayindesign:
      The Permanent Showroom Address is : 16 Collyer Quay #20-29, 049318, Singapore
      (65) 68189516/17 or (65) 93676130,

      That tallies with the info on the website:

      Do let me know if you get the chair (and for how much k?). 🙂

      • Thanks for the info! Will find out and let u noe… Like you i was quite adamant on getting the Eames chair but found it too ubiquitous! Even the eatery at taka B1 has replicas of that chair! Haha so here i am sourcing for other chairs…

        My reno started in May and is 70% done… Have gotten grohe for my bathroom and kitchen too. Haha! Other items are ariston for oven, hafale for induction cooker, kohler for wet and dry kitchen sink. Haven’t decide on my electrical appliances but should be getting samsung for wm and fridge, and sony bravia for TV. I was eyeing the brabantia bins during the taka sales 2 weeks ago but withheld my impulse and boy, was I lucky to chance upon your blog and got to know about the Cold Storage lobang 🙂

      • @SJ: Ohh, don’t just let me know… share pics k? Sounds like u got some pretty nice stuff. Any theme or style for your new place? You can attach pics to comments… or include the links to your pic in the comments box and I can convert to show pics directly k? 😀

        Re: Eames chair – yeah, when I realised how many featured apartments have those chairs and not to mention how many fakes were floating around… erm, just a turn off no matter how much we like the design…

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