Impulse buy of the day: A Norm 03 Lamp

Not sure if we’ll regret the buy, but at least it didn’t cost an arm and a leg…

From the Normann Copenhagen site:

Sculptural Light

A modern self-assembly lamp, the Norm 03 is designed with organic principles in mind. This sculptural light comes in 39 pieces that anyone can assemble without the use of any tools or glue. Ideal for beginners, the Norm 03 assembles without the use of any tools or glue. Pour yourself a nice glass of wine, put your favorite music on and soon you will be the proud owner of your very own handmade Norm 03 lamp – made by you.

Britt Kornum explains

The Norm 03 lamp shade originally took shape in my hands and hung above my own dining table with its organic and very alive-looking form. When the lamp is turned on it casts a shadow on the ceiling that reinforces the ‘alive’ impression.Two longfoil strips fold in and out of each other in a snake-like pattern, creating, in their own way, order from chaos.


Britt Kornum


Lamp shade foil


Width 53 cm
Height 32 cm
Weight 1,3 kg


Cords, socket and light bulb (Max 60 Watt) are not included.


Formland Award 2003
Nominated in the ‘Best Item’ category at Imm Cologne 2004

Bonus info

Buy a semi mirrored light bulb and fitin into your Norm03 lamps and you will see a beautiful play-of-light on every surface.

It even has an instructional video:

Update: See my completed dining room pics here: Dining room


7 thoughts on “Impulse buy of the day: A Norm 03 Lamp

  1. Hi!

    Saw the Norm 03 lamp on your blog and fell in love with it. May I know where did you get this lamp and what is the size? Thanks so much! 🙂

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