My macho macho toilet…

Today was tiles selection day! Sorta exciting but scary cos if we made the wrong decision then will have to live with the mistake for a loooong time.  Now that I’m home, think I should have asked for a sample of the tiles… 😦  To play or whatever… hmm… anyways, the selections:

  • First floor tiles (living, dining, kitchen and study rooms) kinda just go along with what IDs proposed – a matt white tile.
  • Balcony tiles SO n I had agreed on a slightly rough textured dark gray outdoor tile from the beginning, so no big decision here.
  • Guest toilet… to be honest more of an after-thought.  Anyway whitish wall tiles and dark gray floor tiles. Just have to make sure the pipes can blend into the wall since the pipes will not be concealed by false walls (or whatever they are called).
  • MBR toilet is decided by my SO.  A dark gray tile (with tinge of brown) for the floor and an off-white for the wall tile.
  • And then my toilet!  After much struggle… an all dark gray/black toilet (floor and walls). (!) Yeah, am surprised too. Wanted a ‘macho’ toilet but wasn’t expecting such a dark one. Wonder if the final look will be nice? The idea is that the chrome fixtures like the rainshower will ‘pop’/contrast against the dark wall, as will the white vanity n cabinets.

Anyway, to ease my ‘post-purchase dissonance‘, I found some dark toilets images:

Actually not too bad huh?  Just have to make sure the lighting is bright enough.

I’ve a ‘thing’ against white grouting for toilet floors btw… simply can’t stand the mold and other icky brownish stains.  So now you know why we have such dark floor tiles.  Think I would consider white floor for the toilet if there’s a way to make smooth white floors so I don’t have to worry about mold…

Tho the hair showing up on the floor will probably drive me crazy.  😛 

Ah well, moving on to other things…




2 thoughts on “My macho macho toilet…

    • @Shaibal: No bathtub… I figured I’ll probably not use a bathtub anyway, so it’s just gonna be a white elephant. Really depends on your lifestyle? How often do you think you’ll take a bubble bath and are you willing to deal with all the water/$$$ needed for each bath you take? Also need to consider if your bathroom config allows for a bathtub to be installed. Oh ya, and I also hate to step out of a combined bathtub/shower – like an accident waiting to happen IMO. Think most HDB bathrooms don’t have space for both a separate shower compartment AND a bathtub.

      If you are looking for bathtubs tho, Ideal Bathrooms were given fairly good discounts on their bathtubs (Bravat I think) a few weeks ago. Not sure if their sale is still on tho.

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