Strass chairs for the dining room

Honestly, more a process of elimination since:

  • No Eames chairs since I got sick of seeing them in nearly every home featured in magazines.
  • No armchairs cos they can’t be neatly tucked under the table that we got – learning point cos we never considered that before we got the table… to have an armchair, you gotta look for a really thin table with no protrusions underneath the table.  I can only conclude that extendable tables and armchairs are pretty much mutually exclusive items…
  • No wooden chairs cos every single wooden (even plywood) chair that we like is waaaay above budget… 😦 

And then all the chairs had to undergo the “butt wriggle test” to check for stability and sturdiness… think after looking at over 100 chairs, SO and I are pretty much experts in the ‘chair butt feel’ department by now. 😉

This is the final choice – the Strass chair by Green:

SO gave an unbeatable rationale – if we don’t like the chairs, we can always get new ones next time (when wallet has recovered!) and relegate these as the spare chairs for when we extend the dining table.  The Strass chairs are stackable btw.

And my revised dining room ‘mood board‘.


Update: See my completed dining room pics here: Dining room


Your thoughts? Let me know!

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