Droolworthy chairs (that we can’t afford)

We saw many droolworthy chairs in the course of looking for our dining chairs.  Obviously, since we didn’t get them there’s a really good reason… (like $, yeah) 😦

Anyway, thought I should just do a round-up of these chairs, for memories sake or perhaps there’ll be one reader with deep enough pockets to buy dining chairs that cost as much as an entire kitchen…

Chairs I drooled over (not literally of course):


Maruni chairs by Naoto Fukasawa – Hiroshima and Roundish


Mi Ming chairs by Philippe Starck & Eugeni Quitllet for xo design


Emeco Navy Chair – more in love with the idea of it’s ‘indestructibility’ than anything else.  This chair is supposed to last a lifetime… imagine having the same chair for 50 years…

Chairs my ID like:


Hans Wegner CH24 Wishbone Chair


Thonet No. 14 Chair


Ok, let’s move on… shall (try to) stop thinking/obessessing over chairs from now on. 😉

If you do have deep pockets or just like to admire chairs, the Maruni chairs can be found at Atomi (@ Mandarin Gallery), Mi Ming at Platform Living (@ Mandarin Gallery), Emeco & Wishbone chairs at Space Living (@Bencoolen Street), and Thonet chair at XTRA (@Park Mall).


Your thoughts? Let me know!

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