Creating a kopitiam corner at home


  1. 1 kopitiam (kpt) table
  2. 4 kpt chairs
  3. 4 coffee cups, saucer and small plastic soup spoon
  4. 1 sock
  5. + supply of kopi, teh, kaya toast and runny soft boiled eggs

Some time ago, SO & I joked about having a kpt table n chairs in our future home.  It’s due to my terrible addiction to caffeine of course.  Plus I kinda like the laidback vibe you find at authentic kopitiams.  Don’t think he knew (now he does!) that I actually checked where to get the kpt tables and chairs.   Though we are not getting them for our new place, figured this may benefit those who are thinking of creating their personal kpt corner at home…

Kopitiam table and chairs:

Poly Art Natural Marble Furniture

Address: 284-286 Changi Road Singapore 419763 Telephone: (65) 64474026 / (65) 64474027 Fax: (65) 63448021
E-Mail:  /

5 thoughts on “Creating a kopitiam corner at home

    • Hi piksee, sorry haven’t started looking for kpt cups! If I had to try tho, I would try either those neighbourhood shops that sell all sorts of crockery n pots or Sia Huat ( Good luck and do let me know if you manage to find the kpt stuff and from where k? 🙂

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