Last look at the Strass P armchairs

Realised that I forgot to mention our little ‘adventure’ before getting the Strass chairs for the dining room…

  1. Decided that we should get the Strass P armchair.
  2. Found out indenting it from Italy takes 3 months.
  3. Worry that they can’t be tucked neatly into our dining table cos of the arms.
  4. Measure height from floor to arm rest.
  5. Zoom over to Orchard Ion to measure height from floor to underside of table-top.
  6. Realised that Strass P armchair cannot be tucked into table.
  7. Go home and sulk that cannot get the armchair.
  8. The next day, go back to store and sit on/butt test Strass chairs and sulk some more (in the store!)
  9. Finally agree to get Strass chairs (good news is, stocks on hand & no need to wait 3 months!)
  10. Oscillate between white or anthracite (= black) or both. Finally decided on white.  (we are such bad colour ppl!)

I do think the armchair looks so much better… But oh well, life goes on…

Still curious what the “P” stand for tho.


2 thoughts on “Last look at the Strass P armchairs

  1. Hi, I hope you don’t mind sharing how much you paid for the Strass Chair? Saw it at Life Storey selling @ $230 per pcs.

    • That is including GST right? Thought LifeStorey is selling for fixed price and at discount over “regular” price. Think they mentioned usual price is $350++? I got at just a little bit less than what you mentioned… and I’ll prefer not to mention prices. 😛

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