Enchanted dolls for my place?

Been thinking to get some enchanted paper dolls for decoration/play(?).   Not sure where to place them tho. Perhaps just frame them up n put on the wall?

The dolls are not the typical cheap cardboard ones from the pasar malam (wait, do they even make those any more or are paper dolls a relic from the 80s? Umm…).  These paper dolls are from my favourite doll maker, Marina Bychkova.


Anyway at $45.50 CND for a pack of all four laminated dolls, I think it’s probably my only chance to get some ‘enchanted dolls’. Marina’s creations are typically in the thousands…

You can read more from her blog or see the  ‘enchanted dolls’ from her gallery.

I’ve taken some of the dolls that caught my eye from her gallery and shared them here.

(SO don’t like the dolls btw) 😛

Some more pics of her dolls after the jump. Some doll nudity so just in case you do mind, then don’t click to read further. 🙂

Your thoughts? Let me know!

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