Lovely danish furniture

Wikipedia says that “Scandinavian design emerged in the 1950s in the three Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway and Sweden), as well as Finland. It is a design movement characterized by simple designs, minimalism, functionality, and low-cost mass production.

I can get the “simple designs, minimalism, functionality” bit, but low cost? Nah… apart from Ikea, none of the stores I’ve visited that specialise in Scandinavian furniture are anywhere near cheap… not even like “moderately priced”.

Still, there is no denying that I like the style.

Anyway enough rambling, the reason for this post is to share a new store we stumbled upon over the weekend. More on how we chanced upon it later, but just to share some finds:

The Gallery stool by Hans S.Jakobsen is just gorgeous…



The Aki chair by Alfredo Häberli looks good too…


Price wise, not cheap as I’d mention (comparable to places like Proof Living).

Danish Design Co.
Century Warehouse #08-01
100E Pasir Panjang Road
Singapore 118521
Telephone: +65 6270 8483
Mobile: +65 8101 2211

The showroom is located in the same building as Lorgan’s, which is how we stumbled upon it. I like their inspirations page too:

It isn’t a very big store, but it actually has more furniture on display than Style Nordic.  Thought Danish Design Co is a new shop, but had a nice chat with Jacqueline who told me it’s actually been around for a few years. I called to ask about the stool of course… 😛

Tempted but am not getting it…


Your thoughts? Let me know!

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