Choosing your grout colours

I really dislike the contrast of black/dark grouting on white tiles and the reverse, white grouting for black/dark tiles so that made my grouting colour choices a whole lot easier (white on white and black on black).  But for those who need some ideas, Homedesignfind has this great article on how to choose the grout colours:

E.g. practical tips like using a coloured piece of paper to see the effect of different coloured grouting on tiles.

Here’s an extract of some of the tips:

  • White grout usually looks best with pure white tiles.
  • If you’re going to use a white or cream grout in any high-traffic area you should seal it, which will protect the color, discourage mold and mildew, and make for easier clean-up.
  • Darker colored grout hides more dirt, though some people find the look itself dirty-looking.
  • Dark grout isn’t completely failsafe — it can fade from sunlight and harsh cleaners.
  • Epoxy grout works better than sealer from keeping stains from penetrating  grout. It works especially well on countertops, where there is a high-risk of stains.
  • Use different grouts for different jobs. Unsanded grout is used for smaller grout joints such as natural stone joints. Sanded grout is used for normal and larger grout joints. Mexican tile or Saltillo has special grout for it’s larger than normal grout joints.
  • Areas where a tiled surface meets a perpendicular surface should be caulked and not grouted. You’ll need to recaulk annually where the countertop meets the backsplash, for instance.
  • Keep grout from the original installation in case of repair. Grout from a later batch might not match exactly.
  • If you choose the wrong color, you’re not necessarily out of luck. Grout can be restained, bleached and colored even after it has been applied.

I really need to remember to ask my IDs if my groutings will be sealed, esp my level 1 white groutings since I’ve an absurd phobia of white grouting turning black, or yellow, or green or whatever icky colours that can appear… yucks! Plus some leftovers so that I can do touch-ups?

Picture and article extract credits – via:

Your thoughts? Let me know!

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