Shopping season is still on…

Received 2 emails recently that reminded me that 1. GSS is still on and 2. GSS will end soon.

The 1st is from Proof Living, and while 35% off a $10K item is still a fairly staggering amount, in absolute terms it’s a great deal… for those who can afford it of course.  (I can’t but luckily I’m happy to window shop anyway) 😉 Accessories are at 20% off.  You can read more from:

The 2nd is from Muji, and you could pop by if you are in the market for some simple storage boxes.

I’ve attached the pics from my email below for reference.

While I’m at it, as far as I know… XZQT (and Ion outlet has the excellent extra 7.5% off with Amex offer), LifeStorey (pre-reno sales), Molecule, IwannagohomeMarquis, Air Division, Grafunkt, etc, etc are all having discounts now.  As for Space, the 10/10 promo is in its 6th week with the Louis Poulsen Panthella Floor Lamp by Verner Panton going at special nett price of S$990 (usual S$1,705).

I think most stores are having some sort of GSS promo now so happy shopping everyone. 😀


Your thoughts? Let me know!

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