Feeling like a homeowner

Today we went over to our place to do a bit of cleaning up.  Even though we know that the apartment will soon be full of dust from all the hacking, it still felt good to sweep some of the dust away.  And it was really dusty and dirty as the seller did not clean up the place at all. 😦 I could literally see clouds of dust as we were sweeping, quite a health hazard!

The pile of dust below is just from level 2! Level 1 was much worse…

My arm was literally aching and shaking after all the sweeping. Apparently there is some “kung-fu” to sweeping. Gotta use both arms and not just forearm strength. And my SO only told me that after I was done sweeping… can you imagine my hand was shaking while using chopsticks during dinner?  Anyway I digress… :S

I took some more pics of the “before” state today.  Really quite excited to see the transformation.

After all the cleaning, we took a well deserved break on our new red ‘kopitiam’ style chairs.  Thought I’ll show a ‘before’ view:

This pic has got 2 of my favourite things, the view and my SO of course. 🙂  We sat there for a while enjoying the steady breeze before adjourning to the balcony to feel the breeze.

Making me re-think the need for a balcony fan actually… Hmm…


Your thoughts? Let me know!

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