Our Bin Bin waste bins

They caught our eye when we first saw them, but the price has always been a bit of a deterrent.  We have succumbed tho… plus getting them on a good offer is just too hard to pass up.

From the website:

The Bin Bin waste bin yields the impression of a large piece of rumpled paper. As such, it reminds the user of what it is containing. In this way, a direct reference between practical functionality and topical design is communicated in an unmistakable way. The Bin Bin is made of environmentally friendly polyethylene, and just like its contents, it is easily recycled. It is available in the colours matt white, red, black and beige. It is 300mm in both height and diameter and can be stacked up in a space-saving way.

Designed by John Brauer, Denmark

You know our usual problem with colour selection? So we got one in black and one in white… Nice?  We think so… and I’m kinda amused that this bin has even won an award.

Have I ever mentioned that I’m a big fan of the red dot award?  Terribly addictive to browse thru, and extremely horrible on the wallet… quite a poisonous experience so click at your own risk… maybe cos we haven’t gotten the lights yet, I found the lighting and lamps section to be especially interesting to click thru.

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