Fun day at the Red Dot Design Museum

Taking a short break from all the hectic reno related shopping (sorta, we ended up window shopping anyway!), we went to the Red Dot Design Museum on Saturday(before its’ temporary closure from 15-29 July for a new exhibit).  Thought I’ll write about the visit while it’s still fresh.  🙂

While we were there, we saw quite a few things that I thought looked interesting /cute /cool /(add adjective of choice)…

As we still haven’t firmed up the wall lights (we have decided to leave the lights selection to my IDs’ good taste!), no surprise that I found several of the wall lights on display (Pawww, Arzy & Topix) quite interesting:

We were both also quite surprised to find out that our Nespresso Citiz is a red dot awardee (yippee!):

More after the jump…

Some other exhibits that caught our eye – I especially like the Luna Crystal washbasin by Toto… it’s absolutely gorgeous!  Both of us were also quite tickled by the Spacewalker lamp.  We can’t afford the large one (that costs like 4K plus)? But we think the small desk/suspension lamp is manageable once we recover somewhat from the current monetary damage… the QLocktwo clock definitely falls into the ‘lust-after-but-cannot-afford’ category tho.

Some other non-exhibits that caught our eye… the toilet sign is amusing and the black fans reminded me of the fan that we plan to install at the balcony (abit of back-and-forth and after a warm morning spent at our place discussing the final design, we are going ahead with a balcony fan after all).

As it’s the 1st weekend of the month, entrance to the museum is free cos of the monthly MAAD (Market of Artists and Designers) (the next one is 6-7 Aug in case you want to have a look).  While we were there, we saw a mass portrait drawing activity that was quite interesting (lots of artistic people!).  If you are into hand-made jewellery n other quirky stuff, you may also like to pop by. 🙂

We also chanced upon Lash’s photos at his MAAD booth when this one of the soon-to-be-demolished cinema at Queenstown caught my eye (no surprise since I can see the actual one from my bedroom window).  I like his architecture series of pics and perhaps we can use some nice photos to bring some colour into our place? Something to consider.

red dot design museum
28 Maxwell Road
red dot Traffic

Phone: +65 6327 8027 (museum),
+65 6534 7194 (office)

Btw, the museum provides a complimentary “where to buy” guide for the red dot award winning products that I thought was really good ‘service’… and extremely poisonous to the wallet unfortunately. (-_-“)


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