Cubes, taxis and a designer chair

They are all connected in a convoluted way.

I have this bright idea that if I take less taxis, I can save enough to get a designer chair.  While attempting to do that today, I bought Cubes magazine in a moment of weakness (there goes some attempted savings!) to read on the (super long) MRT ride back.

I did enjoy reading the mag tho, so the ‘lost’ costs savings is worth it lar.  A couple of things/article that caught my eye:

The Glass Tanknot quite convinced the design works, but it’s certainly eye catching.


Villeroy & Boch’s Pure Stone series – not sure I’ll like it in my toilet but interesting to look at… one of those things (*shrug*).


Advert from CuriO Home Accents, cos of this outdoor lounge


Advert from Going Dutch, cos of this Quasar Rontonton 50 lamp


Feature on Achille Castiglioni  – he designed the Arco lamp. 🙂


A house designed by Yip Yuen Hong of ip:li Architectsa house that is designed to look good dirty… low maintenance or what?


Various new products from the Milan 2011 fair


Btw, I shall try to stop naming my blog posts in series of 3s…

Your thoughts? Let me know!

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