An eventful day

Almost wanted to name this post “a series of unfortunate event”, but I guess what happened in the morning was unfortunate enough for one day.

You see, I got into a car accident this morning. Was a pretty bad n scary one IMO… I actually lost control of the car for a few seconds… A spare tire from a truck dropped off in the middle of the expressway on lane 1… I couldn’t avoid it in time and… just scary to even think about it now.

Thankfully, other than (very very ) shaken nerves, I’m ok.  The car tho, haiz… but I think can claim insurance from the lorry (according to both EMAS n LTA officers who came by, cos the damage was due to the tire in the middle of the road, and at lane 1 at that).

So ended up at the Mazda workshop at Jalan Ampat, and in the AA truck along the way, saw that actually Hock Siong is just across the road from the Mazda workshop.

I could have gone home and moped and remembered this for being a miserable day. But I figured that I should make the best of things and decided to make a quick visit to Hock Siong.

It was an interesting visit even if I didn’t get anything. At least next time if I decide to get any luggage rack or cheap wall art, I will pop by and see if there are any good bargains to be found. Hock Siong sells 2nd hand hotel furniture, so loads of chairs, lamps and desks. Took some pics to show (just realised I forgot to take a pic of the really ornate and traditional looking chinese rosewood furniture) 😛 :

After that I stuck to my original Saturday plan and went to a pastry cooking demo/class.

An eventful day eh? Would have been a total write-off if I had gone home to mope right?  So I’m glad I didn’t do that.  Will try to share the receipes soon before I forget/lose them…


Your thoughts? Let me know!

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