I heart Established & Sons catalogue

Finally got my Established & Sons Catalogue (No 6) today!

Have been browsing thru for stuff that I like (no matter that I probably have neither the space nor the cash to get more stuff) and here’s the shortlist: 🙂

Nekton stools by Zaha Hadid

The Drift stool by Amanda Levete originally caught my eye 1st, but on 2nd thoughts, the Nekton stools seem a little more practical, and perhaps usable indoors too. 🙂

Description: The Nekton stools are curvaceous and tactile, exceptionally sculptural objects. The stools were designed as a unit with four individual pieces. The movement, unity and contrasts between the four individual pieces, when used as a whole composition, were the point of interest for architect Zaha Hadid who has employed her famously innovative approach to spatial dynamics in this design.


Butt stools

Description: Versatile, comfortable and economical, this stackable plastic stool is a hard-working piece of furniture. The Butt stool’s ergonomic top borrows its form from a generic tractor seat. Within this are three holes (reminiscent of those found in bowling balls) with which to lift the piece. A more lateral piece of design is hard to find. Available in six playful colours, the Butt stool is both for indoor and outdoor use.

More after the jump…

Zero-In by BarberOsgerby

Description: Constructed from an apparently seamless ribbon of moulded polyester and a glass top, the Zero-In table utilises a dual wall construction to create the visual illusion that the sides of the table converge at a greater pitch than expected. The design was developed using sophisticated production techniques usually reserved for automotive manufacturing. The Zero-In is available in five colourways, including black with black-tinted glass top and a dual colourway, of white outer base with an orange interior.


Two Timer by Industrial Facility/Sam Hecht

Description: Sam Hecht acknowledges the modern condition of a mass movement of people between countries and time zones through the design of the Two Timer clock. Here, two clocks share the same face. The shape of the (formally atypical) clock face is stretched to accommodate the two timepieces as if a finger has stretched a round clock to form a newly functional corner.
Two quartz movements, with a carefully devised dial, are housed in a plastic frame. Two Timer is available in two sizes. The clock will sit well in the home, the office, the hospital, the hotel, the airline lounge, or the foyer of a financial building.


I got my catalogue copy from Pomelo when I popped by to check when the next shipments are in (20-something Aug for Establish & Sons & early Sep for Bludot).  The catalogue is indeed as thick as described. 🙂

Established & Sons Catalogue No 6 <– see the PDF copy here!

Established & Sons Brochure No 7 <– see the PDF copy here!

All pics & descriptions taken from the Established & Sons website.


Your thoughts? Let me know!

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