What’s wrong with this pic?

When you see this pic, do you spot anything wrong?


Well, some time ago, I read a thread on Renotalk about things that people regretted doing/not doing during their reno.  I wondered back then what are the things that would bug me about my reno and I’ve found the 1st major one…

The window.

Yep, I prefer casement ones, cos then you can open up more of the window plus the window in BR2 is so small to begin with.  Along the way I agreed to sliding ones also cos I was confused about whether casement ones are allowed.  But now when I see that only 1/2 of the window can be opened at anyone time, it really makes me feel sick especially since I don’t like to sleep with aircon which means my window is usually open.  I couldn’t even bear to take pics of the other casement windows installed by the maisonette owners in my block. 😦

So now the ventilation of my entire bedroom depends on that one window opening.  Small and sad right?

So soon-to-renovate HDB maisonette owners who read this, remember to insist on casement windows for your 2nd floor corridor ones cos it can be done.

6 thoughts on “What’s wrong with this pic?

  1. Your unit is still being renovated right? So why can’t you just change the windows now that you’ve changed your mind?

    Btw, I noticed the depressed area where the ceiling fan? is to be installed. Is the lower portion a false ceiling or does it originally come like that from hdb?

      • Hi there!
        what a wonderfully detailed & helpful blog you have done up!
        Your house looks fantastic! i particularly like the Macho toilet wooden kerb separating the bedrm & the toilet itself!.

        I have a question which i hope you can help me out.

        I realised that there does not seem to be alot of exposed wire trunking/switches & piping(in toilets) in your house? did you managed to get HDB’s approval?

        I’m doing my reno right now & my contractor tells me that i have to EXPOSE everything. which is really an eyesore.

        Thanks in advance! Jon Lau.

        Hope to get a reply from you soon as my hacking starts on monday & my “ID” doesn’t seem to be very helpful with stuff =(

        If you don’t mind, you can sms me @ 98159553.

        Thank you!

      • I didn’t change the windows too because of the cost and regretted it later. My thoughts after moving in is that I should have just coughed up the extra $1500+ to change all the windows instead of having to deal with the mess should I change them later, when I have already settled in.

        Somehow I looked at the original windows and thought they were pretty okay but upon careful inspection after moving in, realised that the ex-owners had not cleaned the windows often, if at all, and there was a layer of black grime/mold? that I spent 2 days polishing off using brasso 😦 Not worth the effort/time/exposure to chemical fumes.

        The ceiling fan is a great idea which I regretted not installing now, due to the terrible SIngapore heat. All I could think of then, was that I didn’t want to make my living space smaller.

      • We did change in the end, and I’m happier tho poorer. Changing the windows may not be such a messy affair? No harm asking to see if it can be done now if it irks you that much. Just a short term pain for longer term happiness?

        I love ceiling fans. As ugly as they are, I think ceiling fans are the best for ventilation and to avoid having ugly stand fans that also take up space and don’t work as well as ceiling ones. They are probably the bane of IDs tho… 😛

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