Mirror, mirror on the wall…

UPDATE: See my hacked Ung mirror here.

It’s been some time since my last post.  Sorry peeps, photo embargo till I can show off my apartment in all its renovated glory…

In the meantime, I just want to share my bathroom mirror.  If you’ve seen my 3D sketches (level 1 HERE & level 2 HERE), you’ll know that my place is totally minimalist right?

Which is why my bathroom mirror is so highly amusing (to me).  After looking at various mirrors in Balestier and the usual places, we kinda realised that plain mirrors in the right size are so hard to find that we might as well get from Ikea. Cheaper too plus it totally helps that our new place is near Ikea Alexandra.

So I was just semi-seriously telling my SO that we should get the Ung Drill Mirror, a fairly new item from Ikea the night before we met our IDs.  Thought it’ll make a nice design feature cos the rest of the house is so ‘clean’ anyway – so it’s a surprise feature when visitors to the house visit the guest bathroom. Didn’t think anyone else (i.e. my IDs) would agree and SO gave me his usual skeptical ‘why his gf got crazy ideas’ look…

Surprisingly, the next day my male ID mentioned that he thinks an ornate frame would be great and he totally thought that  the Ung Drill Mirror would be great.  We weren’t sure if he was joking so we actually asked them a few times if he/they was serious before buying it. 😛  😀

So here it is…

Lady ID & my contractor thinks white frame is nicer (to match the white toilet fixtures) while male ID thinks black on black (tiles) is nicer.  I prefer the latter and figure that we can always be an Ikea ‘hacker’ if we change our mind about the black colour later.  Anyway we don’t have time to pull off a painting job now…

More after the jump…

Just to share some other ideas for the Ung Drill – apart from mirror form it is also available as a smaller photo frame that can be painted and ‘hacked’:

Do pop by Ikea Hackers for detailed instructions on how to paint or transform your Ung Drill to a chalkboard, inspiration board, etc, etc…

Btw, as of yesterday there was no stock at Ikea Alexandra so do call and check Ikea Tampines before you go down.

I’m gonna look for a poisoned apple now to complement my Evil Queen’s mirror… 😀


Your thoughts? Let me know!

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