My latest lust after gadget is a kitchen appliance

I think I’m getting domesticated… (not!) cos, my latest lust after gadget is not the next iPhone 5 or iPad 3 or some game console, but a kitchen appliance.

LOL, I know, sounds weird but you’ll understand why after you watch this video (sorry, only found the German version) 😦 :

More after the jump…

It’s a Red Dot 2011 Best of the Best winner too.  The Red Dot description taken from the website:

Functional shell

“Nature is neither core nor shell – she is everything at once.” This is how German scientist and Nobel Laureate Max Planck in his “The meaning and limits of exact science” praised the coherency and versatility of natural shapes. The design concept of the MUM5 kitchen machine takes up this idea to establish a new aesthetics for this type of kitchen device. The form of the shell follows a visually logical design: the contrasting exterior shell describes the machine’s integrative contours and creates a harmonious tension with its soft interior contours. The MUM5 series thus showcases a highly elegant appearance and a well-thought-out compact shape that blends unobtrusively into almost any kitchen environment. The shell design of this kitchen machine showcases highly sophisticated functionality that is both easy to use and meets professional requirements. The heart of the device’s “workplace” consists of an innovative multi-function arm with an integrated three-dimensional mixing system. Equipped with a dynamic planetary drive powered by a 700 to 900-watt motor, this system ensures precision even for demanding mixing applications such as the processing of bread dough and pastries. The exterior shell design and sophisticated functionality of this kitchen machine merge into a harmonious unity that sets new standards in kitchen machine design.

The jury’s rationale

The new MUM5 series by manufacturer BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte convinced the jury almost instantly due to a perfect match of form and function, offering users a high degree of added comfort and quality: multifunctional, professional kitchen devices designed to ensure easy usability and yield convincing results. The series is as robust and stable as it is compact, making these devices ideal for a variety of applications, while also benefiting from materials that are aesthetically pleasing.

Looks yummilicious doesn’t it?  Think it’ll look nice on my new kitchen counter. I’ll go for the white one as pictured above.  🙂

Unfortunately we are a bit low on funds… so perhaps a christmas present from my SO?  Yeah, never thought I’ll ask for a kitchen appliance as a present, but I’ll make an exception for this one cos it’s so nice.  😀

Oki, back to packing…


Your thoughts? Let me know!

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