Completed pics – Dining room

The Norm 03 lamp turned out surprisingly lovely and well worth the > 3 hours I spent fixing it.  The wooden table looks good with the stairs too.   You can also see the shoe cabinet with light underneath and the lovely slim grills my IDs designed.

There is something that irritates me when I notice it tho… the wirings running down the corner of the wall… haiz, why didn’t the electrician run it underneath the shoe cabinet thru the constructed wall??  Hopefully once the touch ups are done, the wirings won’t be so visible.

More pics after the jump…

See other completed areas:

See the before & after pics:

9 thoughts on “Completed pics – Dining room

  1. I love it! In terms of design, it looks great, I particularly like the light below the shoe cabinet! Wait, a shoe cabinet… what does a shoe cabinet do in a dining room? Anyhow, like the rest, seems a pretty nice place to live in, well done!

  2. Hi, thanks for your informative blog and sharing your experience, I really enjoy reading it.

    Can I ask if your custom-made super slim window grilles are very expensive? Are they solid, cos they look very thin?

    I have a good view at my new place (living room) and I’m considering those invisible grilles (legate etc) available in the market, but they seem a bit impractical cos they can’t be opened. Can yours be opened?

    Thanks in advance for sharing! 🙂

    • @Celina: thanks for liking my blog.

      The grills are solid mild steel in paint finish. Think was high 2k ++ for 4 rooms plus gate. Yes my grills can be opened. My contractors’ boss said my grills look better than the legate ones that his client installed at another project. Dunno if it was to make me happy but I’ll take compliments as they come. 🙂

  3. Hi. How much does your dining table cost? I have been looking far and near for such an item but they are either too flimsy or too expensive. Please let me know. Thanks in advance!


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